Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cindy on Martha Stewart Radio

Cindy Dole, producer and host of Home Wizards Inc, and home improvement guru hosted the Kitchen and Bath show segment for Martha Stewart Radio. Go to the Martha Stewart website for more information and pictures from the Kitchen and Bath show.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot New Products and Gadgets for the Home Kitchen and Bath

Lasco Sonic Splash Tub
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Kohler Fountainhead Bath with Vibroacoustic technology
Kohler’s new platform integrates water, light, music and vibration. Four vibroacoustic experiences deliver multi-sensory hydrotherapy that synchronizes music, vibration and light in water. These preset experiences are specifically choreographed to optimize the vibroacoustic whole body relaxation experience. Two massaging beat experiences provide physical vibration massage that can be varied to the desired intensity level, the music module allows the bather to access his/her own play list from a PC, and the chromatherapy lighting enhances bather relaxation as light changes color, creating a sweeping wave between the two zones in the bath.
Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer
CoolDrawer is a 36-inch single drawer refrigerator incorporating advanced cooling technology which enables consumers to choose between a wide range of refrigeration modes, including standard freezer, chill drawer and wine drawer - all at the simple touch of a button. With the CoolDrawer’s advanced features, you can set the perfect temperature for storing wine and then change it to the perfect temperature for serving it. All storage bins are removable and interchangeable to adapt to a variety of storage needs.
GE Profile™ SmartDispense Frontload Laundry Pair
GE Profile's new washer and dryer hide a remarkable secret: new H2ITION technology™. The system stores and automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener based on each load's size, soil level, water hardness and fabric or cycle type. CleanSpeak™ communication between the washer and dryer begins the drying process to eliminate guesswork about settings for the load, and the DuoDry™ system with variable heater and dual motors, thermistors and moisture sensors to help clothes dry faster and more evenly. Additionally, the washer features the most comprehensive stain removal system available: it treats more than 40 different combinations of stains and fabric types, including wine, grass, blood, chocolate, cooking oil, ink, mustard and more on a variety of materials.
Viking Professional Built-in Undercounter DrawerMicro Oven (Booth #S4082)
The slim design and heavy-duty construction of the Professional DrawerMicro maximizes kitchen space, and can be conveniently tucked away under countertops, in an island or beneath a wall oven. Automatic drawer-style access capitalizes on the 1.0 cubic foot capacity, 11 sensor cooking options make cooking easy and the DrawerMicro provides 1,000 watts of power at the maximum level with cooking settings that adjust automatically to cook different foods for the right amount of time at the correct power level.
Caroma’s Sydney Smart eco-friendly toilet (Booth #S4717)
Caroma’s latest dual flush toilet being introduced at KBIS is the most water-efficient toilet available. The EPA estimates that there are 100 million toilets still in use in the US that use more than 3.5 gallons per flush, and every time you flush one of those toilets, you spend about 4 cents. Caroma’s Sydney Smart dual flush costs less than a penny per flush.
LG 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator (Booth #N8517)
LG is debuting its new Four-Door French-Door Refrigerator at retail stores in June 2008 (Model: LMX25981). This unit is the first ice and water dispensing 4-Door French-Door refrigerator available to consumers. The LG Four-Door Refrigerator features dual refrigerator doors and double drawer freezer compartments below, providing consumers with better organization capacity and space versatility without sacrificing space. The new configuration allows consumers to take advantage of increased refrigeration areas and the convenient storage capacity of two bottom-mount freezer drawers. All LG French-Door refrigerators are Energy Star® rated.
GE Profile Single/Double Wall Oven (Booth #N7100)
The GE Profile Single/Double Wall Oven has two fully-functioning oven capacities in one single wall oven space. GE Wall Oven is the first 30-inch wall oven to have two ovens that cook at two temperatures at the same time. This is made possible by a unique control panel built into the door that frees up space typically taken by the control panel. It has largest total wall oven capacity in industry at 5 cubic feet. You can cook two casserole dishes in top oven while a 22 pound turkey cooks in the bottom. Additionally, the top oven has a pizza mode and the lower oven is convection and includes a slow cook mode. Both top and bottom ovens are self clean.
Dacor Epicure 30” All-Gas Range (Booth #S2581)
A solution for consumers who live in all-gas communities such as NYC or parts Southern California, the Epicure 30” All-Gas Range with commercial-inspired stainless steel styling offers premium performance and signature “flame blue” llumina™ Burner Control Knobs for added safety. The infrared gas broil burner is rated at 30,000 BTU, which gives increased power to deliver heat faster, and the SimmerSear precision burners provide control over a wide range of cooking temperatures. Also, the convection system (which can be activated with a switch to change from conventional) heats the air in a rear chamber and then circulates it throughout the oven cavity to create uniform temperatures on every level of the range, reducing cooking times, providing even heating and preventing flavor transfer.
SunShower by ProSun International (Booth #L10419)
The SunShower by ProSun International (Booth #L10419) uses the light from high-intensity LED panels to reduce the appearance of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and crow's feet. Using a balanced UV light spectrum which very closely resembles natural sunlight, the ProSun SunShower carefully tans skin and improves complexion through regular, well-balanced sunbaths. This “sun” exposure is less stressful to skin than receiving a large amount of UV light at longer intervals.
Blum Inc. SERVO-DRIVE (Booth # S4544)
SERVO-DRIVE, a new opening feature by Blum Inc., allows drawers to open automatically. Developed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind, drawers equipped with SERVO-DRIVE open automatically with just a touch on the drawer front or with a light pull of the handle. This new development is based on an electrical drive that, once triggered, opens the drawer for you. The drawer has no fixed connection to the drive unit, which enables it to stop in any desired position.
Thermador smart cooktops (Booth # N7906)
Thermador’s new electric cooktops are the first in the U.S. to utilize advanced infrared sensor technology to deliver both precise results and time savings. Sensor Dome™ (Masterpiece Deluxe Series only) features a retractable dial that utilizes an infrared beam to continuously measure the heat from the cookware. It automatically shuts the burner off, as well as cycles it on and off, to maintain the precise temperature needed. CookSmart offers nine pre-programmed temperature modes to perfectly prepare a variety of common recipes, including pasta, potatoes and vegetables, as well as deep frying. In addition, the 36” cooktop has a center element that is 13” in size at 4,000 watts, making it the largest and most powerful in the industry.
Flowban (Booth # N8566)
Flowban uses rare magnets to stop flood damage from faucets left running by shutting down the water flow to a trickle when bath water reaches overflow height.
Flowban is a simple effective device that automatically cuts off the flow to the faucets when the water level reaches the overflow pipe. It is simple to install, needs no electricity or batteries to operate and can be concealed behind bath panels.
Walker Zanger Matouche Collection (Booth # S3053)
Walker Zanger's Matouche Collection offers exotic textures like crocodile and leather. Inspired by safari design, the Matouche Collection features a porcelain tile that is available in the textures of crocodile, elephant, snake skin and distressed leather. The unique and durable collection comes in black, white and chocolate brown and is perfect for the home, boutiques, restaurants and hotels. The 24” x 24” tiles are versatile, bringing the look of exotic leather into rooms like the master bathroom suite.
Vinotemp International (Booth # N9817)
Vinotemp introduces the “ECO-SERIES” environmentally friendly wine coolers. Thermoelectric technology offers powerful protection to wine along with quiet energy-efficient operation. The main advantage of thermoelectric technology is ecological cleanness. There is no Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) used that cause destructive effects on the ozone layer. There is also a lack of any moving parts (except fan) and the units offer less vibration (a “merciless killer” of any wine), high reliability and require low maintenance over other types of cooling devices. In addition, thermoelectric technology keeps temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1 degrees Celsius which is extremely useful for wine protection against another enemy: temperature fluctuation.
The Vinotemp’s GREEN LINE includes counter top six-bottle, 12-botle, 16-bottle, and freestanding 18-bottle, 21-bottle dual zone, 28-bottle, 32-bottle and 48-bottle capacity split dual-zone units. All units are attractive wine cellars with black body, stainless-steel doors with double-paned glass, stainless-steel trim and handles. The key features of double-paned doors have already been proven in the construction industry: they have better insulation properties, better UV protection, and are easier to clean. This energy efficiency will lead to less electricity usage and savings in energy bills throughout the years.
Rio Grande Imports Bamboo Sinks, Tubs and Vanity (Booth # S2193)
Bamboo holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our world's hardwood forests. At 2.5 times the hardness of Maple, Bamboo makes a superior material for sinks and cutting boards. Bamboo is a grass that grows to a harvestable size in 4-6 years with certain species growing over two feet per day. It has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing itself without the requisite of replanting, making it one of Mother Earth's most renewable resources.
Zoom Bamboo Sink
The Zoom Bamboo Sink is not only a showcase of superior functionality but also a dramatic statement with regard to responsible “eco-friendly” building.
Feng Shui Tub
Possibly the first and only Bamboo Tub.
Serengeti Round Bamboo Bath Vessel
Layers upon layers of Bamboo go into making the newest addition to the Bamboo Sink line.
Siete Bamboo Vanity
Minimalist design with a “green” twist best defines the “Siete” Bamboo Vessel.
Teragren (Booth # L11921)
Teragren’s Synergy Strand Bamboo Flooring
Teragren’s Synergy Strand Bamboo Flooring is a beautiful, renewable and durable product that is perfect for high-traffic commercial and residential installations. Created through a patented manufacturing process that fuses together bamboo strands with an environmentally safe adhesive, Synergy is 18 percent harder than Santos mahogany and 100 percent harder than red oak. Pictured here in Java, Synergy flooring is also available in Chestnut and Wheat colors, and is manufactured according to stringent U.S. and European environmental standards. On average, the suggested retail price for Teragren’s Synergy flooring is between $6—8 per square foot retail uninstalled (or $10—12 per square foot installed). Teragren owns the patent rights to the strand process in the U.S., U.K. and Mexico and purchased these patents in an effort to ensure that all strand products meet stringent quality standards
Teragren’s Synergy Strand Bamboo Panels
Available in Wheat, Chestnut, Java, as well as Brindle, a beautiful new color blending natural and caramelized bamboo strands, Teragren’s new Synergy Strand Bamboo Panels are perfect for kitchen and bath cabinetry, as well as custom furniture. Created through a patented manufacturing process that fuses together bamboo strands with an environmentally safe adhesive, Teragren’s Synergy Strand Bamboo Panels are extremely durable and are also 100 percent harder than red oak. The new panels complement Teragren’s existing line of vertical and flat grain bamboo panels and veneer—offering the perfect complement to any d├ęcor, from traditional to contemporary.
Teragren Bamboo Architectural Molding
Teragren will also unveil its new Bamboo Architectural Molding available in Vertical Grain Caramelized and featuring a Bamboo Parquet Butcher Block inlay in either Caramelized or Natural colors. The molding is a perfect complement to the company’s enormously popular Teragren Bamboo Parquet Butcher Block.
Totally Bamboo (Booth # S4400)
Totally Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood countertops, and is harder than maple. Bamboo is 16% harder than maple, making it perfect for a countertop surface. From cutting boards to salad bowls, plates and now solid bamboo countertop panels, Totally Bamboo plans to change the way the world uses bamboo, as a viable alternative to precious hardwood trees. They have perfected the manufacture of thick, stable planks that are incredibly beautiful and a green alternative to the traditional wood countertops. The countertops are available in a variety of grain and color combinations, and matching inlay backsplash and edge trims are also available.
Kuppersbusch wok cooktops (Booth # L1171)
The Kuppersbusch Induction Wok uses electromagnetic energy to heat the wok itself, a faster, safer, cooler and more efficient form of cooking. When the unit is turned on, the coils produce a high frequency, alternating magnetic field, which flows through the cookware quickly and evenly, stimulating the molecules in the cookware to move back and forth rapidly, thus creating friction, which creates heat to cook. Unlike traditional cooking surfaces that heat up and stay hot long after the meal has been prepared, the concaved black glass-ceramic surface of the Kuppersbusch Wok stays cool to the touch as it is unaffected by the magnetic field.
Evoba Wood Ceiling System by Acoustic Ceiling Products (Booth # L11700)
Transform any room into a spectacular expression of style with Evoba Wood Ceiling System from Acoustic Ceiling Products. The wood coffer ceiling system combines the architectural detailing of custom-crafted millwork with the ease of installation and flexibility of conventional suspension systems. Mainbeam and cross-tee grid components connect using a patented joint technology to form a strong, perfectly milled joint without custom tooling. Evoba is available in a variety of wood species and finishes.
Rob Larson, Commercial Sales Manager, ACP, 920-886-6743
Vetrazzo recycled glass surface material (Booth # L11730)
Recycling glass is a small step towards eclipsing the planet’s environmental problems. Vetrazzo broadens its color palette with the Spring release of new mixes of a neutral tone. This new collection is inspired by Earth tones of grey, mocha, chocolate, wheat and black. Using the same pigmentation process applied in the popular “Hollywood Sage” design gives the material a monochromatic appearance while still offering the rich texture and depth of large aggregate glass only available in Vetrazzo surfaces.
Vetrazzo Midnight Eclipse
This sleek, elegant mix incorporates a black matrix with large aggregate glass to create a depth un-paralleled in the industry. It takes its name from the source glass that makes up most of the mixture. This glass is designed to let the maximum amount of light in, while allowing the least amount of heat transfer, eclipsing the heat, but not the light. The transparent qualities of this glass create sparks that glimmer against the midnight black surface of the matrix.
Vetrazzo Cool Titanium
Cool Titanium is made from flint glass, a clear glass used in many containers you can find in your house, which was originally made in England in the early 19th century. Traditionally flint glass contained lead oxide and was a pollutant in the manufacturing and disposal of the glass. In modern flint glass the lead has been replaced by titanium oxide and zirconium oxide, rendering it safe to store all the foods you keep in your pantry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cindy | Live From Chicago

Cindy Dole Broadcasts from the Biggest Kitchen and Bath Show in the World on KRLA and Martha Stewart Living Radio!

Catch Cindy’s Reports on the Latest Kitchen and Bathroom Trends On KRLA- Thursday thru Sunday (8, 9,10 AM and 4,5,6 PM) PLUS Home Wizards Show From KBIS in Chicago -Saturday 8-9 AM (listen online)

Listen to Cindy on Martha Stewart Living Radio-Sirius Satellite Thursday 10:50 and 11:50 AM (PST) and Friday 10:50AM, 11:50 AM and 12:50PM (PST) You can listen on line for free at

Check out the pictures of the new trendy products at Cindy’s Blog:

And, BUY many of the latest contemporary trends in Kitchen and Bath Appliances that will be on show, visit my friends at Snyder Diamond:

Remember, the Key is Under the Mat!

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