Monday, September 8, 2008

My Koi ARE Coy- And I Need a Chagoi

Hi everyone! I am still loving my koi and my pond and now working to train them to eat out of my hand. So far they are a bit shy or coy. My research tells me it is common and not to worry but look at this video of the Chagoi eating out of a man's hand and you'll see why it's something you want to happen right away~! How cool to be able to pet your Koi!

I'm learning that a Chagoi can calm them down because they are "eating machines" and so the other koi get the idea that people aren't scary afterall.  I need to make the link between me and being a food source for the koi.

Check out this video of a Chagoi sucking on his owner's hand!

Any suggestions? Please email me!

Stay tuned!