Friday, August 15, 2008

Cindy Gets Her Koi and the Pond Loves it!

It was so exciting to bring our four Koi home to our pond! Two of them are about a year old , and two others about a year and a half. They LOVE the cave that was built for them by our pond designers (  And at night, one of the fish Little Red is the temporary name, seems to love swimming directly under the waterfall into the bubbles. Maybe we'll call that one Bubbles? What do you think?

Here she is, or is it a he?



This one loves to hang out with our black, red and white Koi, whose name we haven't figured out yet. He's slightly to the right, of "Bubbles" and nibbling on an urn I put in the pond as an added hideaway.



I've also added some water plants (water lettuce, water lily and hyacynth) which are providing more oxygen for the fish, a great snack, and another hiding spot, just in case a racoon or blue herron shows up. Thankfully no signs of either!



It is amazing how easy this pond is to maintain thanks to the revolutionary technology installed by my pond designers,  And I can't believe how clear it is!

The other thing is the plants in just a few weeks have multiplied. The cannas, the elephant ears are growing like wildfire!

Let me know what kind of landscaping about your pond has been successful! Email me at :