Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet our 5th Fish - "Blue Boy" Already making friends!

I had my eyes on this gorgeous  koi, it's kind of black with some deep blue! I had to bring him home, and I can't believe how all the other koi were so anxious to have a new friend!  When you come home with a new fish you have to acclamate it to the water temperature difference from the tank where you bought it and the pond that the fish will call home.  The minute I had the fish in it's baggy waiting for about 20 minutes to get used to the temperature change, the other fish came over, to say hi and almost encourage this new fish.  How cool is that?


I was told at the pond store, that the minute I released the fish it would go to the bottom, or hide in one of its cave for a few days.

Not Blue Boy! Instant celebration and exploration. It was as if the other koi were saying to him, "hey, follow me, let me show you the place!" And by the way the other 4 koi, I have had now for 2 months, recognize my voice and come over to greet me! What a feeling!

Check out the video!