Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your Vision for Life is the Answer to Home Clutter Forever!

No matter how organized you are, clutter just finds a way of creeping up on us all! If it's not the magazine subscriptions and the junk mail, it's t-shirts people give us, not to mention our closet! Well Organization guru, Peter Walsh hit the answer to all of this on the head with a strategy that truly speaks to the why we are saving and holding onto things that may do NOTHING to enhance our lives or our homes and just occupy space, robbing us of the home we really want to have!
Listen to my interview with Peter here on
I also highly recommend this book, "It's All Too Much" In it Peter outlines how NOT to fall into the trap of diving into organizing and organization boxes and systems without first going room to room and declaring for yourself how you want that room to function and how you want to live your life! After that, the stuff suddenly seems far less important and it's easier to part with.
Let me know your techniques to keeping your home clutter free!