Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cindy Gets the Pond and Waterfall of her Dreams!

I'm SO excited to say I am now a proud pond owner which in the pond circles makes me a "pond geek"! What a difference it already has made to our home, and our lives! I just love sitting out there and staring into the water, listening to the relaxing sounds of water. It means that I now am part of the club and can't wait to spend hours vacationing in my yard with the beauty, the sounds and the amazing aquatic plants that make up my pond and waterfall! What is incredible is how the company that did this, California Waterscapes, ( put this together in a day! 6 men carrying huge boulders for hours, digging a 10 foot wide and 2-3 feet deep hole for the pond and the building up a berm of rocks for the waterfall and stream effect leading into the pond! Check out the video to see the end result here:

Here are some of the before, during and after pictures of my pond coming together! I am in PARADISE! Now we wait for a few weeks for the system to balance and become the perfect home for our koi! Want to help me come up with great names? I need five names! Email me your ideas at!

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