Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Making of Cindy's Pond and Waterfall Step by Step - "LET's ROCK" - Work by California Waterscapes


Step One: Chad Morrill of California Waterscapes lays out a natural looking shape and design with spray paint. Then it's can you dig it time, digging the hole and boy is our dirt tough.


Step Two: We need manpower! Loads oh boulders to carry in.



100_0253  100_0256

Step Three: Now Cindy gets to stand inside what will be our home to our five Koi! See the layers of shelving for natural fish hideaways!

100_0255 100_0274

My sheepdogs, Abby and Bailey are anxious for the final result too! Actually they are afraid of swimming but will be curious about the fish.

100_0257  100_0264

Step Four: A heavy liner is set inside the pond hole along with the filter equipment. Then its all held in place with more boulders.100_0261

Step Five:  You've got to have aqua plants! And the beauty of the line is it creates a pocket of constantly moist and nourished soil to keep these water plants happy! We have Canna, Society Garlic, Tana, and soon will add Elephant Ears and Scotch Moss



Step Six:  End of the day the crew washes down the rocks and pumps out the dirt before filling her up!


In a few weeks the Koi go in and we'll be set!

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