Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cool Ways to Go Green

If you've been thinking of bringing more green into your world, here are some very fun and cool ways to do it. There are "shades" of going green, or being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I attended the Alt Build Expo ( Alternative Building Materials) in Santa Monica, California where I found these creative ways to do just that and go green.

Like TOTALLY FLUE-less! This is one of the coolest is this clean burning fire place called The EcoSmart Fire. It is an Australian innovation that is clean burning, uses Ethanol, it is flue-less and does not require any installation , or utility connection for fuel supply. You can use it as a fireplace or a free standing fire tower surrounded by glass. Here it is in the Tower form. You can put it inside your home, or outside on the deck/swimming pool area. You can even qualify for a $1500 dollar Tax Credit because it is eco-friendly. Here's their website:

Terrazzo tiles made of recycled glass and concrete! Great for counter tops and striking too!

Collagen for your walls! We've heard of collagen injections to keep the skin looking youthful. Here is an environmentally friendly method of painting with Collagen paint! It's for the interior of the home and is made from used eggshells that would end up in landfills. They are cleaned, dried, and ground into fine powder. The pain is odorless, natural, no harmful chemicals and no volatile organic compounds ( VOC's). It comes in a complete palette of 120 colors. Check:

GreenSwitch -Here's how to control all of your electrical control switches throughout the home with one master switch that will help you reduce home energy consumption. A wireless signal is sent to all of the GreenSwitch components, ( wall plugs, light switches, thermostat) . Designated light switches and wall plugs turn off automatically as you leave your home and then you just flip back to on when you return. Average home installation is about an hour. See more at :

How about going green with a living rooftop? What started in Europe is becoming more popular here from municipalities and corporations to homeowners! Green or living roofs are waterproof and drainage system is installed along with landscape of your choosing. Green roofs not only reduce energy costs with it's insulation, it reduces urban heat island effect, alleviates stormwater runoff, reduces noise pollution and creates a serene, gorgeous vista. Check

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