Saturday, May 2, 2009

Luxury Bathroom Finds at the Kitchen and Bath KBIS Show in Atlanta

No matter how you feel about your Bathroom, when you see all of the amazing new innovations at the 2009 Kitchen and Bath Industry Trade Show (aka KBIS) that just wrapped up in Atlanta, you can't help but want to do something new, and maybe splurge. This trade show is a total sensory experience, and the end result of many months and years of trends and technology research, product testing and design creativity by the hundreds of manufacturers showing off their stuff. Take a look at some of the spectacular finds I discovered to enhance your sense of luxury and style in the bathroom.

Bathe by Moonlight!- It's one of TOTO's latest designs called the Luminist and like it
sounds it is luminescent and gorgeous. It is a hybrid epoxy with the translucence of glass that can be lit from below-hence the moonlight vibe for your bathtub, your sink, even your toilet! TOO cool!

TOTO's Luminist technology can also transform your sink/lavatory and is breathtaking!

Speaking of TOTO another hot trend is to save space and water by installing a toilet that is mounted to the wall. Here is the new Neorest II Wall Hung Dual Flush

It is a smart toilet that is energy and water efficient and also incorporates that beautiful Luminist glow on the push plate to coordinate with a lavatory and soaker tub.

How about a shower and bathtub experience in one? WHAT? Well, TOTO has the solution in the form of its GyroSteam which brings the relaxing qualities of the bath culture to our love affair with the shower! Here's how it works--TOTO brings a water flow through nozzles on two different axes that tilt and rotate, resulting in greater and more consistent water distribution. The result is a body drenching experience as if you were in a bath!

Check out the hand-painted high-art known as TOTO's Waza Collection the Miyabi series of toilets and lavatories that Asian cherry blossom designs for each of the seasons, including one that is 24 carat gold!

I also found some great plumbing fixtures by Brizo. Check out the Brizo Sensori Shower that promises to give you indulgence with a customized head, hand and body spray in the shower.

Less glam and more practicality, there is the Odor Proof Toilet. Not the first, but a company called VIP says it is the best.

Here's how it works. The VIP toilet system has a battery-powered fan that removes foul air from beneath the user and flushes it out into the sewer along with the accompanying waste. It installs just like a regular toilet with no additional construction.

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