Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun and Inexpensive Plant Container Ideas

I am addicted to plants and am proud of it. But have you noticed if you want to pot your plants in a container it can be tricky in the hunt for something that is clever, creative and cost effective all in one?

Here are some ideas that will solve that in a hurry!

I chatted recently with the editor of Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living Magazine and boy did he have some amazing suggestions I had to share with you.

1- Chimney pipes can be painted in bright colors and they look expensive as an instant planter. You can either fill it with soil and plant, or do it the easy way and just stick the plant you've bought as is inside. Try bright glossy paints in blue, orange and yellow, or whatever you love.

2- Love this stage for potted plants that Better Homes and Gardens makes and sells. It comes in unfinished wood and you give it your own creative spin by painting it as you like. It's a fun way to fill a cornor with plants without repotting and can work on a condo or apartment deck, as easily as a larger home/garden space. Best part is seasonally you can change out the plants! It is easy to assemble and goes for $275. Go here: - and reference "home cottage"

3- You can also try the DIY tropical version of the above. You need some bamboo posts and bamboo edging/fencing. See how great it looks!

4-Stack em up! Here's another great idea discovered in Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living.
It's simply stack a small container on top of a larger one, and connect them with a metal rod or piece of rebar. This creates instant height and style without spending a fortune. You can use terracotta clay pots or even plastic. Just fill them with overflowing plants and your finished product will look gorgeous!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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