Friday, April 24, 2009

Prada Fabric Chair and Great Room Scent

This citron yellow leather chair is featured at the Pasadena Showcase House in the Young Adult Male/Guest room, done by Designer David Dalton. When I saw it, and touched it I said, this reminds me of a Prada bag. Turns out the fabric IS genuine Prada, made from a raincoat and it is so soft! Really a fun use of yellow pop up a room.

Not only do I love this chair but the entire room/space! It’s an excellent example of how and why we need not be afraid of using bold color in our homes. Here David used yellow, with black, white, and some chocolate brown. It has a mod but also optimistic and refreshing feel!

LOVE this candle, a special fragrance of fresh lemon and herb. It smells great before you even light it! It’s a product sold by one of the Showcase Designers and a recent guest, Larry Rizkowsky.

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