Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen and Bath Show 2009 KBIS in Atlanta

If you go ga-ga for Kitchen and Bath anything, this is the place! KBIS, the largest Kitchen Bath Industry Trade Show is underway in Atlanta and I'm here to share all the scoop with you!
Here's the buzz I'm hearing so far and it's good news for our economy, or so says one group that completed a national poll which says we as homeowners who like to improve our home are feeling more confident and going from the "stay-cation" to "feathering the nest," and perhaps launching into bigger projects! We'll see. More on that in my upcoming blogs from KBIS.

For the next several days I'll take you "shopping" with me, since this really gives you a great overview of all the neat new things you can get and do for your home-- mainly the Kitchen and Bath. And here's just a taste of some of the hot stuff I've discovered so far. We're talking 900 leading manufacturers all here unveiling their latest toys and technologies for the home!

How about an Outdoor Kitchen and Cabinetry made of Bamboo, Teak or Cyprus? Atlantis makes it so your fun in the sun can withstand any kind of weather, rain or shine, snow or sleet too! And it's available in a bunch of colors. It is the "ironman" of outdoor kitchens because of its weatherproof Perma-Panel engineering and beautiful custom wood designs.

Check out:
I love this Tiki bar above, made of Teak.

Talk about Bling for your Kitchen--this is not a chandelier or disco-ball but a range hood full of pizazz! An Italian based manufacturer called Elica makes these gorgeous varieties of range hoods. This one is appropriately called "Star" that goes for $ 3750. They use the patented All-in One Evolution system-- so, it decorates, illuminates and ventilates!

Don't have space for a washer AND a dryer or just want to create more room in your laundry room? Consider Fagor's latest creation. It's two in one and measures aboaut 2 feet by 2 feet- a washer and dryer in one machine! Great for condos, boats, spare washer/dryer in the garage.

You eliminate the need of removing your clothes from the washer to another unit to dry them, save space and energy too!

Looking for a splash of zen in your bathroom? You may like this bathtub made by Viaggi and is the MAAX collection. It's an egg shaped tub that sits on top of a bamboo wooden frame and is a work of art on its own.

Here is a cool way to introduce the look of metallic to your home without breaking the bank. ACP has the look of it in metal wall paneling for your home or garage. It's called The Fascade Wall Panels.

They are made of composite thermoplastic and are water and corrosion resistant!!! 19 different finishes from chrome to aluminum...and they also have embossed stampings and patterns. They also make metal tile that looks like a metal back splash but is a 3 x 6 inch tile that you peel and stick! Plus they are made from 60 percent recycled material. Talk about an easy weekend DIY project!

What's your favorite? And would you like me to hunt for? Email me at:

More to come!!

(You can hear me talk about it live on my show online at Saturday 8-9AM PST/11-Noon EST)

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