Friday, April 24, 2009

Fabric For The Ceiling And Beyond

Don’t forget “the fifth wall”- the ceiling and instead of paint, why not try fabric! Amy Devault, a designer at the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House (Pasadena, CA) did in the Library she made over and it looks great! The fabric has a metallic sheen to it and you can find it inexpensively in the downtown Los Angeles Fabric/ Fashion District. Here it was stapled with a staple gun to the ceiling! The designer trick here is by making the ceiling the focal point, it will open up a small space, by diverting the eye! Very clever!

Here Larry Rizkowsky Designer at the Showcase House used outdoor fabric for a tent effect on his Grand Terrace. Notice how he created a palette of black and white which started from the grand piano also on the patio/terrace.

Think Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric for the Indoors as well as outdoors! It’s what top designers are doing at the Pasadena Showcase House. For example, these curtains from Designer David Dalton’s Adult Male/Guest Room space are outdoor fabric. It’s more durable, fade proof and an awesome trendy choice!

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lauriegraham said...

My grandma has the best sunbrella fabric at her backyard. I found out that my mom bought it for her at Ballard Designs.